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Special Publications


Rescue in Albania: One Hundred Percept of Jews in Albania Rescued from Holocaust - a book by Harvey Sarner (1997), with an Introduction by Joe DioGuardi and Congressmen Tom Lantos and Ben Gilman.

The Agony of Kosova—Joseph DioGuardi provides in this well-documented resource book a clear picture of the systematic repression and atrocities that Kosovar Albanians suffered in the early years (1989-1992) of Serbia’s decade-long occupation of Kosova, and makes the argument for Kosova’s independence as the only just and lasting solution to the Balkan conflict.

The Yugoslav Secret Police(UDBA) Infiltrate Albanian Communities in America By Prenk Gruda.

September 1987

The Expulsion of the Albanians—a memorandum presented on March 7, 1937 (two years before the “final solution” was formulated in Nazi Germany) showing how the Serbian regime planned to brutally repress, expel, and exterminate the Albanians of Kosova.

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